Add option to ignore `$` when pairing markdown symbols

Use case or problem

When Auto pair Markdown syntax is toggled on, typing a single $ symbol is detected as a MathJax delimiter and auto-paired when typed. This interferes with the ability to enter dollar values, as attempting to enter $3.50 results in $3.50$.

Proposed solution

When the setting is toggled on, provide a new progressively disclosed option the user can enable that will cause Obsidian to ignore the $ when pairing.


Users who toggle this behavior on will need to manually add $ symbols when entering MathJax formulas.

Users who do not enable this additional toggle would continue to experience the same behavior as they do currently.

Current workaround (optional)

Delete the offending $ suffix.





This is absolutely necessary. I refuse to believe that the amount of people using MathJax outweighs people who use $ to refer to money. Conversely, symbols like * are pretty rare in normal writing and thus the autopair makes more sense. Whatever the case, a toggle makes everyone happy.


This also directly interferes with the ability to write command prompt documentation. Writing text like $ cd produces $ cd$ which is very annoying.

It can have odd effects when pasting in documentation too. For example, pasting in mkvirtualenv $(basename $(pwd)) intending to produce $ mkvirtualenv $(basename $(pwd)) would instead produce $ mkvirtualenv $(basename $(pwd))$ where the trailing symbol may not be discovered until runtime errors appear.


I second this, especially now that = is autopaired. This doesn’t work well for me. I’d like to be able to disable that character specifically.

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Yes, please allow us to modify this behavior more granularly, as it’s very annoying to have to delete something for every $ or = I use. The old subset was great, and I think allowing a ‘also expand MathJax’ option would be a big enhancement.

Autopairing $ and = was killing me today when trying to make a lot of notes on python one liners… :scream_cat:

From 0.11.11, $ ~ = % will only autopair on selected text.


@WhiteNoise Do you mean 0.11.11?


Woohoo thank you!! :smiley: