Add OneDrive Sync to Obsidian Mobile (you have iCloud anyway! No win)

Use case or problem

I need access to my obsidian notes on the go as well as at home on my desktop; I would use them more on the go.
I use OneDrive - which is expensive for me and I use it because I have to use it.
My personal expenses are a private matter and believe me when I say that I cannot afford to pay for Obsidian Sync.
This was previously mentioned (although not descriptively enough) at this hyperlink: Enable mobile app to use OneDrive - #2 by WhiteNoise

Proposed solution

Add OneDrive synchronisation to Obsidian Mobile. There’s no point in not doing it (even for your marketing purposes) because you allow mobile synchronisation with iCloud Drive.

Current workaround (optional)

Transfer notes through Joplin (with OneDrive as a synchronisation target) on Joplin Mobile and Joplin Desktop. This way you can transfer notes to and from Obsidian through your desktop/laptop.

Related feature requests (optional)

Nothing else - simply this.

i developed an unofficial plugin remotely save and maybe it suits your needs. but please remember to backup your vault beforehand


I think this feature request would cover OneDrive:


Ooh ok. Nice! I just discovered the git plugin through this… looks even better!

Btw it would be crazily helpful if there’s any plugin I can use to highlight over notes I’ve made in Obsidian. Please tell me if you know of any!


or layering, but that might be too much