Add Obsidian to New Windows Store

Use case or problem

Obsidian installer on windows often needs to be updated with some versions, but it never shows in the updates page if it needs to be updated.

When updating Installer Versions, there is often apprehension amongst newer users if their data might get lost or corrupted, or not get detected.

Obsidian is one of the cleanest and lightest apps on the market, that very few people know about, and honestly can be a little intimidating at first.

Proposed solution

List Obsidian On the Windows Store. As great as Obsidian is, this will give obsidian more legitimacy to laymen users (especially given the state of windows appstore, microsoft might even feature the app), and make it less intimidating for newer users to install, and update obsidian.

Not a windows developer, so i don’t know what challenges or long term benefits does this entail, would love to start a discussion

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Also this would allow Windows Home S users to download Obsidian on their operating system, since it only allows applications obtained on the Windows Store.

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