Add Notes to Canvas with Query

Use case or problem

When creating a canvas using existing notes, one might find them using a search query, like file:obsidian. Currently, you’d need to manually drag and drop each search result manually.

Proposed solution

Either through a button in search results, a right click menu option in canvas, or some other way: allow adding notes to the canvas with a query. Being able to drag select search results would also be helpful, in case a user wants to select the first 5 results of a query and drag them onto the canvas.


Agree about a quick way to get a query set of notes (links) onto a canvas, each as it’s own card.

I’ve been using “Copy Search Results”, pasting them into a single card, selecting & dragging the ones I really want on the canvas, and finally deleting the initial card.

A quicker method would be ideal not just for query results but any copied set of links. We’re really talking about a copy and paste activity. Perhaps a choice - paste into a card or paste each link into it’s own card.

On the other hand, manually copying and pasting does give me a bit of time to think about each of those links and the “why” am I doing this thereby forcing me out of “capture” mode long enough to add value to the endeavor.

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ivaneye/obsidian-files-cooker: An obsidian plugin for moving search files to target folder, 2023-02-11 22:28

can solve this issue

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