Add new note to folder or immediately below a note

Is there a hot key that I can use to add a new note to a selected folder, rather than the note being added to the bottom of the folder list? Or have the new note created immediately under the selected note? If feels VERY inefficient to have to use the mouse to move the new note into the select folder.

You could assign a hotkey to the “Move current file to another folder” command from Settings > Hotkeys.

I was missing a create file in a given folder command… :smiley:

… then I found out I could do the following to create a file in a random folder:

  • Open the quick switcher, and search for an existing folder
  • Type the new file name
  • Hit shift + Enter and it creates a new file

And I actually tested this with a non-existing folder, and it do create the folder too… :smiley:

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Thanks. Your first option works really well for my user and purpose. It would be nice, however, if there was a more direct hotkey. You navigate to the folder you hit a key combination and the note is added, but nonetheless your option works perfectly. Thanks. Much gratitude.

If you’re already in the file folder with your mouse, you can right click the folder and hit create note. Is that what you want?

In addition to the options already suggested, you could consider changing the Files and links → “Default location for new notes” setting to “Same folder as current file”, which would achieve:

And you might also be interested in the “Create note in folder” plugin, where you can configure various commands with presets for where to create a new note. However, the native quick switcher option that @holroy suggested is comparably useful.

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