Add Link Weights between linked notes : Graph View

Use case or problem

The problem is as my vault there are many different connections between notes and it’s getting cluttered. That said I don’t think it needs to get cluttered like this . as different links hold different levels of importance and thus there should be a way to reflect this.

Proposed solution

My solution to this problem would be to add some sort of priority modifier to the note link syntax possibly something like this [[this is my linked note| i linked this [10]]] or this [[5:this is my linked note| i linked this ]]. Where 5 is the default weight and it goes from 0-10.

This would allow obsidian to reduce the gravity between notes with a lower priority and or also dim the connection line or vice versa while allowing the direct connection to remain.

An example would be a 5 will be normal … a 0 would not even show the connection line but still link to the other note while a 10 would have a very bold line and gravity would be so strong they right next to each other.

Current workaround (optional)

The current workaround is to create empty intermediate notes to reduce the gravity between two items… or if I don’t want the link graphed using an intermediate note in an ignored file.

Related feature requests (optional)

I could not find any related requests.


Link [[weights]] could be useful for me as well, but the solution that adding some modifier by hand is not so cool.

If possible, I wish obsidian could generate the [[weights]] by counting link.

For example, I link the “weights” twice above, so the weight between them is 2. (or normalization?)

Hi Caspen, I just had the same idea and typed weight and heaviness into the search engine. Your post hits it. Weights would help a lot in decision making. A connection between weight and gravity and the graphic representation would also be important here.

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I like your system too. I will use it until Gravity can be used automatically in Obsidian. In the graphics view, I envision a slider just below the deep local view slider.

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