Add "Last Updated Time" to Sort Order in the list of plugins and themes

Use case or problem

It may happen that we don’t find a plugin useful, or a theme very pleasant, in its first iterations. However after a few updates it may become interesting.
However there is no easy way to know which plugins/themes have been updated recently if one has not installed them yet.

Proposed solution

In the ‘Appearance/Themes/Manage’ and ‘Community Plugins/Browse’ settings, add “Last updated time” to existing sort orders.

Current workaround (optional)

Keep an eye on Discord server, but there’s a lot of activity there and it’s easy to miss important things.


Can you update the title of this FR to specify that this is for the list of plugins and themes?

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Done, yes

I second this. In order to see which plugins were recently updated, I have to quickly memorize the list presented quickly while updating. It’d also be nice to see which plugins might be deprecated if they haven’t been updated in a long time.

will be implemented in v1.1

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