Add indentation to the custom hotkey settings

Please add the currently unchangeable keyboard shortcuts for indention to the hotkey settings menu to allow for customization. Currently stuck on Ctrl-[ and Ctrl-]

There’s two trends for hotkeys:

  1. Niche features that are great but only used by a few so that the rest of us can clear the hotkeys if we don’t need them
  2. Frequently used features by everyone can be customized to fit a user’s unique workflow

Between lists, code, and block quotes, indentation is used so frequently in markdown that it seems the user should be free to choose their hotkey preference.


I didn’t know this hotkey hotkey :open_mouth:

+1 This is essential for my use of Obsidian.

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In the meantime, can anyone help? The Obsidian Help document lists these shortcuts:
Indent | | Ctrl/Cmd ]
Unindent | | Ctrl/Cmd [
I’m on a Danish keyboard so I cannot make these shortcuts work. Therefore, I have no option to indent/unindent, except for placing the cursor in the beginning of a list and press tab/shift-tab. Very annoying for a basic function I use all the time.


Aren’t these redundant with tab/shift+tab anyway? I want to bind them to something else and let tab/shift+tab do this for me.