Add hotkeys for quick navigation to Start and End of notes (first/last line)

Use case or problem

In my daily use of Obsidian, I often need to navigate quickly to the beginning or end of a note. While this action can be accomplished using a mouse or by repeatedly pressing the arrow keys, it can become tedious, especially in lengthy notes. This interrupts the flow of my work and makes the editing process less efficient.

Proposed solution

I propose the addition of two new hotkeys for Obsidian:

  1. A hotkey to move the cursor to the very first line of the current note.
  2. A hotkey to move the cursor to the very last line of the current note.

These shortcuts should be customizable to cater to users with different keyboard layouts or preferences, but could have default settings.

Current workaround (optional)

Currently, to navigate to the beginning or end of a note, I either:

  1. Drag the scrollbar manually with the mouse, which isn’t always precise.
  2. Repeatedly press the “Up” or “Down” arrow keys on the keyboard, which can be time-consuming for longer notes.

Both methods are not as efficient as a direct hotkey would be.

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Have you tried Ctrl+Home and Ctrl+End? This should work in almost any app, not just Obsidian.

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Hey AlanG,

Thanks for suggesting the Ctrl+Home and Ctrl+End shortcuts for navigation in Obsidian.

However, I wanted to mention that these are already set as my global hotkeys in my personal OS (Ubuntu). Therefore, I’ll need to manually configure the hotkeys for navigation within Obsidian to avoid any conflicts.

Best regards,

Hi AlanG,

Upon reflection, I’ve decided to adjust my OS keyboard shortcuts instead. It seems like a more streamlined solution in the long run. Thanks for bringing this to my attention!

Warm regards,

Those are the standard ones in all win/linux text editors.

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