Add Hotkey option for "Move file to..."

Use case or problem

In my workflow, I am constantly creating new files and then moving them to the appropriate folder. Creating files works using a keyboard shortcut but to move them I have to click on the three dots menu or use drag and drop in the sidebar.

Proposed solution

Add the option to set a shortcut for the move file command.

There’s a palette command and you can add a hotkey to it.

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Thanks! I don’t know how I missed that.

Just wanted to also add that, if you use templater, you can move file locations when assigning a template to a file. Just add this somewhere to the template:

<% await tp.file.move("/PATH/" + tp.file.title) %>
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Thanks, that is very helpful to me!

A word of warning if you use that templater trick and sync your vault…

If you move the template itself the sync service (even obsidian sync) doesn’t see it as a “move”, instead it is a deleted file followed by a new file somewhere else.

This matters because this “new” file will have that tp.file.move() action done on it, so the template itself will move to the "/PATH/" and that line will be removed. This caused me some headaches in the past!