Add Hotkey for Zettel Prefix ID

Please consider adding a hotkey option for inserting a Zettel prefix ID (12 digit) at the cursor point.

Because I use the Zettelkasten Prefixer Core Plugin with my body of notes, I would find this extremely useful when looking to generate links to new page(s) ‘on the fly’ while in the flow of writing.

Currently, I have to interrupt my flow of thinking/writing, click the icon in the ribbon or use the assigned hotkey to generate a new Zettelkasten note, name the note, then come back to my original note in order to make the connection. (Perhaps there’s already a better workflow?)

Thank you for your consideration of this feature request.

The natural language dates plugin lets you add a hotkey to insert current date + time. Might want to give that a try in the meantime.

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Premise: I am an Obsidian neophyte and have little programming knowledge. Please take this into account in your possible answer. :smile:

Do you know a way to create a new note by automatically generating an id at the same time using the natural language plugin?
Note name field does not accept @ trigger

The Zettelkasten core plugin will do this for you. See: