Add "groups" to starred plugin for improved focus on given category

Hi there. “Starring” is something I now rely on in my Vault for heavily visited pages. It would be nice if these starred items could be assigned to named groups. The core benefit of this feature is viewing only the category of notes that are relevant at the moment, and hiding other currently irrelevant (but still important overall) categories. For those of us who get distracted easily, this is a nice bit of polish that would help people remain more focused on the ‘class’ of notes they’re working on.

Visually, it could be presented nearly identical to the file explorer/home tab, with the group names in bold, and clicking them would expand/shrink the group. Notes can be dragged in and out of groups just as files are with folders. If no groups are used, the plugin will function as-is, so past users of the plugin with no interest in using groups would be unaffected by these changes.

As for the rest of its potential behavior:

  • Empty groups can have their visibility toggled in the plugin toolbar.
  • The button to add groups would be in the same location.
  • Right clicking existing group names could rename them or delete them.
  • Deleting a group would move all starred notes in the group to the highest level (no group)
  • The “Star” button when right clicking a file or in “more options” for a given note would have a > submenu of the added groups, to quickly assign them. Re-ordering the notes by dragging them around would still function as-is.

Thank you for your time.

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