Add created and update last-modified date from git to frontmatter / properties

Hi everyone!

I save and sync my Obsidian notes with git. I’d like to add created and update last-modified date from git to the properties of each note.

Is there a script available that does this, or do you have another idea how to achieve that?

Otherwise I’ll write one and share it :).

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I’m looking for something similar as well.

(In my case I’d like to create a link to the respective daily note following the format [[yyyy-MM-dd]].)

Community Plugin Search: No direct match

I couldn’t find any plugins doing this: A search for “timestamp” currently returns five plugins, but these are either for

  • easily inserting timestamps in opened notes, or
  • displaying the file’s creation or modification date.

Plugins that could help as a reference

Two plugins among them might help as a baseline to create the required script:

Customizing existing scripts: Best Practices?

I haven’t created my own scripts yet however.

Does anyone perhaps know any best practices when it comes to forking a community plugin to create a custom functionality?

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