Add command for "Graph view: Show local graph"

Use case or problem

I rely on local graph and note outline extensively. I use keyboard shortcuts to speed up my workflow. The note outline has two separate commands:

  • Outline: Show outline
  • Outline: Open outline of the current file

The difference between the two is that the first one brings up the note outline in the right sidebar, which is fantastic and super useful, and the other one opens the note outline in a separate tab next to the note.

The local graph in my opinion should be the same, but it only has one command:

  • Graph view: Open local graph

Therefore it is not possible to bring up the local graph from the right sidebar with a command or a keyboard shortcut.

Proposed solution

Add command for Graph view: Show local graph.

Current workaround (optional)

I use Cmd+Shift+G to Toggle right sidebar. If I was using note outline, I either must use mouse to click the local graph icon, or I can use Cmd+Shift+O to use Outline: Show outline and then I can navigate between right sidebar tabs with Cmd+Alt+Arrow. If I do this though I lose the ability to navigate between note tabs via keyboard and even closing the right sidebar doesn’t help.

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