Add button to turn on / off all css-snippets at once

Use case or problem

I use a lot of css-snippets in my vault (about 20 right now). But every time when something is not working as intended, I have to turn off all of them to test how things will work without additional css. Then I have to turn all of them on again. It is really tiresome.

With plugins it is easier, because you can just go to the restricted mode to turn off all the plugins. But for css there is no such solution.

Proposed solution

Add button to turn on / off all the snippets at once. If possible, it would be even better if we had some sort of “restricted mode” for css, which would stop snippets (or even theme) from working, but not change the current configuration, so it can be easily restored later.

Current workaround (optional)

None. I just have to manually turn the snippets off and then on one by one every time.

It’s a little hidden because Mara-Li forgot to add “css” into her plugin description. So if you search for “css” in the community plugins store you can’t find it. But if you search for “snippet” then this should appear: