Add button on search to toggle excluded files/folders

Use case or problem

I currently have my top level folders set up as follows:

  • Inbox
  • Active
  • Resources
  • Archive

Currently Archive houses everything that I want to exclude from search. However if I decide I want to do a ‘deep dive’ I have to go into settings remove the archive folder from excluded, search, then remember to add it again once I’m finished.

Proposed solution

It would be nice if there was a button in the row where the current search buttons are such as Match Case, Explain Search Term etc that allows you to toggle whether excluded folders are included in the search or not.

Current workaround (optional)

One possible work around is to not use Excluded Folders and instead have a starred search of ‘-path: Archive’ however you don’t get the benefits of having the archived files being made less relevant when using the quick switcher.

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