Add auto-pair to bold text

**word** autocompletion does not work, it is basic feature which should and is in every major text editor for Markdown.

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How do you expect it to work?

“every major text editor”.

I tested Bear and Drafts. They do not. This website’s Discourse markdown editor does not. Ulysses does.

In Obsidian, you get a matching pair for bold and italics when you use the hotkey ctrl-b or ctrl-i, or cmd-b and cmd-i for Mac. (Or the command “Toggle bold” and “Toggle italics” if you have those hotkeys mapped differently.) Likewise, if you highlight text and use the hotkey, you also get a matching pair.

@ScottKillen I’m not sure how happyfishes is requesting, but this is how Ulysses works: It can’t possibly know what you intend until you start typing. Because how would it know how many asterisks you intended to type? And it can’t automatically double the asteriks without other text, otherwise it would be impossible to type an odd number of asterisks. But once you start typing after the asterisks, it does complete the pair. Here’s a gif.


(For the record, I personally dislike auto-pairing symbols as you type.)

Indeed. That is what I was thinking. I couldn’t determine the behavior @happyfishes was expecting. Hoping they will leaborate.