Add another dimension to Andy Matuschak mode?

So this might be similar to this other recent request here (River view - TiddlyWiki like) but since I don’t know Tiddlywiki, I’m not sure.

I really love Andy Matuschak mode, I was just wondering if there’s a way to add a dimension, so that not only can you scroll left and right to get to multiple open notes, but you could also sort of scroll out and get a kind of grid view of all the notes that are open.

This is similar to how you can get an overview of all the windows that are open in the newer Windows versions and also Ubuntu-ish distros on Linux (I’m on Linux Mint so I assume this is also available on Ubuntu).

Is this feasible or possible?
Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi :slight_smile: I am the one responsible for the riverview thread.

In the river view, the note takes the whole screen, but you can scroll up and down to see the other note opened.

In the native Obsidian app, without plugins and css, you can obtain something like the grid you seem to ask by splitting your screen up and side : open the command palette and tape “split verticaly” and “split horizontaly”, you can obtain something like that

Every tile is an editor by itself. You can manipulate text as usual.

I hope I understand your asking well and this will help :slight_smile:

Thanks, that’s not exactly what I had in mind, but I didn’t phrase that very well. I know you can split the notes like that, but I usually have so much text in my notes that I need them to be pretty big so I can still read all the text and work with it.
So what I’m looking/hoping for is something that looks more like this:

You’d hit a hotkey and then have this overview of all the notes that you currently have open. In a perfect world it’d work like Andy Matuschak mode where you can scroll back and forth between them, because that way I can have all the notes open at once (though you can’t see them all at the same time) and then just go back and forth easily.

OK, combine Matuschak Mode with the plugin “Maximise Active Pane” plugin.

Let’s take a look to my previous divided pane : img

You could navigate through them with some hotkeys and use an other hotkey to maximise the one you want to work with. An other touch, and you could go back to your divided view.

With the Workspaces gestion of Obsidian, you would be able to keep your divided view even if you close the software.

Thanks, that’s still not quite what I meant. I use both the Maximize note plugin and Andy Matuschak mode, but what I had in mind here was that you could add another layer, so that you don’t only scroll left and right to get to the different open notes, but e.g. also up and down. This primarily relates to navigating between the different notes that are open and not directly to when you’re actually using them/working with them.

Being able to see all the open notes at once, as seen in the desktop image in my previous comment, would make that navigation quicker, I think, because you could see the note you want to use, and then click it, for example, to go to and e.g. maximize it, or at least focus on that note with others still being visible around it, like with Andy Matuschak mode.

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