Add an option to toggle the default the tab pin state in "Files and links" settings

Unpinned notes are useful. So are pinned notes, especially for me as I write a novel.

Obsidian forces the default for opening a note to an “unpinned” state. As a novelist, though, I prefer notes to be pinned by default. That’s because if I forget to pin a note, it might disappear if I click on another note’s link. Poof! My scene disappears, and not just from Obsidian – sometimes from my imagination, too.

Sure, I can easily get it back. But by then I’ve lost my flow.

Is such friction really necessary? I suggest adding an option, perhaps in “Files and links” settings, to toggle the default from unpinned to pinned and vice versa.

Everyone’s use case would now be covered.

(This feature suggestion was triggered by the discussion here, in case it’s helpful.)

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