Add ability to reopen last closed note

Use case or problem

When working quickly with multiple notes sometimes I accidentally close a note. I then have to remember which note was closed, find it and reopen it. Or alternately, hope the “back” feature works from the “No file is open” screen.

As a power user
I want to be able to easily reopen the last N notes
So that I can continue to work fluidly even when I mistakenly close a note.

Proposed solution

Similar to browser tabs, add a “Reopen last closed note” feature. Dealer’s choice on where to put it in the GUI but it should also be available from the command palette. Should be able to pull up the command palette and type something simple like reop [ENTER] and it fires.

Executing this N times in a row should open the last N closed notes, perhaps up to a reasonable limit.


There is a recent notes plugin that works well for me.

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What is the plugin name @axcraig ?

Hi. Its just called “Recent Files”.

tgrosinger/recent-files-obsidian: Display a list of most recently opened files


Implementation reference:

In vscode you can use ALT+LEFT-ARROW and ALT+RIGTH-ARROW to navigate through your navigation history.

This feature would be great for obsidian powerusers.

It is possible in Obsidian too. Take a look atNavigate back in settings under hoteys.

Thanks @axcraig I’ll check it out.

@Vinadon That’s not quite what I’m describing here. I just tested Navigate back and that opens the previous note in the current pane. I’m requesting that it be reopened in a new pane. Again, similar to how browsers work when reopening tabs. Holding Cmd key while using the Navigate back feature (either via hotkey or via the “back” arrow at the top) does not work.

I will say this isn’t an impossible situation to manage, because it is possible to pin the current note so the Navigate back command reopens the previous note in a new pane.

But having to pin a note first is non-intuitive.

Something like Ctrl+Shift+T would be awesome… all the muscle memory from Browsers


+1 :+1: for this too. Ctrl+Shift+T restoring the layout as it was before too would be amazing.

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