Add ability to override global settings per device

Hello, new Obsidian user here.
I think several similar issues/request have been filled already, but I think none of them covers this specific case.

Use case or problem

I want to be able to specify certain settings per device, while keeping the rest of the settings (including the installed plugins) read from the global settings.

To give you an example that works as I expect is the vim mode. I can enable/disable it per device, and that is not affecting other devices.

Ideally I want a base configuration and then have per-device configurations that only override those settings that are specified, inheriting the rest from the base config.

Proposed solution

When there is a device specific config, merge it with the global settings and then apply them.

Current workaround (optional)

Right now I am not using any workaround because I want to keep my plugins in sync between devices.

Related feature requests (optional)