Add ability to display images at 100% size in Canvas

Use case or problem

Currently Canvas always rescales images to the card size, meaning most of the images will never be displayed at 100% size. That massively degrades the quality of an image, here’s an example:

Proposed solution

Solution 1: Add an option for canvas to not upscale images that are smaller than the card. Meaning all the images in cards slightly bigger than the image will display at 100%
Solution 2: When holding Ctrl, snap the card’s size to increments of 25% and display the current % when resizing card, so the user can set the size to 100%, 50%, 25%, all of which keep the quality of the image.
Solution 3: Add an option of ‘Resize card to image’ in the card’s context menu.

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This all assumes though that the view zoom is snapping to increments. If it’s not the suggested solutions won’t work.