Add a way to convert dynamic content to be converted to markdown in the note on storage

Use case or problem

I have a note that has data gleaned using tasks queries or dataview queries and items from queries of other plugins. When I put it in reading view I have my daily planner page and work the day using that. But what I want to do is have they dynamically generated items become static content in the page so that a week later I can see what was on my list that day. What I get when I reopen an old day note is the for example the list of open tasks for the day I reopen the note, not what the list looked like on the day I was working with the note.

Proposed solution

what I need is something that tells obsidian to rewrite the dynamic data as new markdown in the page. Essentially take whatever was generated and replace the query in the page with the output of the query. This would be useful for tasks, dataview queries, links to images/data that is dynamic on the web.

I’d propose we add something like:

``` rewrite
… some query…
![some image to show/freeze in time](https://theimage)

the rewtite takes the contents of the block within it and replaces itself all the text within the block of the note on storage. I’d also have an option to the rewrite tag to do the rewrite only on close of the page. this allows the user to change queries and not have the query lost until the page is closed. Another option is to prompt as to whether to rewrite.

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