Add a setting to allow tag labels to show up before note labels on graph view

Use case or problem

When looking at your knowledge graph, oftentimes, you want to filter down from a top-down approach. Going from tag to note. While searching does solve this problem, it does so in a clunky and non-visual way.

Proposed solution

Text labels for tags and notes are treated equally and show up at the same level of zoom. However, could a setting be introduced to make tags show up first. Because tags are far less common than notes, they could be shown at a more zoomed out position to provide greater context to the graph without adding too much visual clutter.

Current workaround (optional)

Creating different colors for each tag is a valid solution, but a clunky one. Requiring users to remember what each tag meant, can make it hard to “get back into” you graph when not using it for a longer period of time (I was currently on a ~4 week hiatus from Obsidian when I noticed this issue)