Add a property type for tags / multiple tag-based properties

Use case or problem

I would like to be able to use tags as data for a given property that is not the default “tags” property. For instance, tags could be the property type for a “Company” property so that when I search for #CocaCola, the results will include both uses of the tag and files where the “Company” property is #Cocacola.

Proposed solution

“Tags” would be a property type in addition to “Text,” “List,” “Date,” etc.


As an alternative, it could be possible to recognize text properties if formatted as a tag, e.g.

Company: "#CocaCola"

I opened a separate, slightly different, request for this: Recognize tags in text property when formatted as "#tags"


I would like this too. Either way.

Another potential solution/workaround would be to use nested tags. For example #company/cocaCola

I believe Tag Wrangler will also organize the nested tags as “folders”

I use tag wrangler already for somewhat similar applications. Probably the best workaround.

Yes - please add the option to create a specific property and give it a “tag type.” I don’t understand why only the default “tags” property can be “tag type.”

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I just started using properties and was surprised that I couldn’t do this! It would be lovely to organise “types” of tags without having to make everything nested. I was going to use it to differentiate my “category” (ie daily-note, personal, research) tags and my “topic/subject” (ie knitting, math, etc) tags.

I believe Tag Wrangler will also organize the nested tags as “folders”

You may be thinking of the TagFolder plugin

No, I’m thinking of Tag Wrangler. The ReadMe says it supports child tags.