Add a markdown preprocessor

Adding an explicit pre-processor would be great. They could turn commands such as {{today}} into the correct link (e.g. when you open a daily note, the title could be {{today}}, today would be rendered as 2020-06-08). Same could work for {{yesterday}} and {{tomorrow}}, {{this week}} and so on. Of course, having a general pre-processor goes beyond mere relative links, they could also be used for loading remote resources, or even running general scripts!


I would love this feature. I am migrating from Roam and really miss the /today, /tomorrow and /yesterday macros. Adding a preprocessor like this would be a lovely way to introduce the general functionality.

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This would allow for some great template making.

Pre-processor feature is really missing in Obsidian. And also post-process with easy string replacing, because DOM manipulation is little bit overkill for some cases. Could you please bring this features as soon as possible? As I am also developer, I could help with that maybe.

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