Add a "kind" of thing that would show up in the Outline core plugin?

As far as I can tell, the Outline core plugin currently only shows headings.

While I like it, I’d like to find a solution to a new idea:
Adding new types of things that would show up in the Outline.

For my usecase: I’ve recently started using LaTex commands in my Obsidian notes because I export the notes via LaTeX to PDF. Therefore I’ve started using \marginnote in my notes because then I can see those in the resulting PDF.

But it would be super helpful if these showed up in the Outline because usually the information in these margin notes is helpful or something I still need to do.

Is this possible somehow? That not only text that’s prefaced with a # , i.e. headers are listed in Outline but some other things too?


I’ve posted this to Help because I’m not sure if this is not already possible.

That’s out of scope for Outline, so not likely to be added as a feature.

If it’s possible to insert other things into Outline’s output, it would require a plugin. If it’s not possible, a plugin could be made to show headings and the other thing you want, or headings and user-choosable other things.

As a not-totally-smooth alternative you could bookmark a search for (/^#/ OR \marginnote) file: and add the name of the current note after file: in the search box after clicking the bookmark (you can quickly grab the note name by double or triple clicking it to select and then copying). (The part of the search before the OR is a regular expression that matches a # at the start of a line.)

Have a look at this Dataview snippet to create a table of contents. It could be modified to add margin notes into it:

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That’s really cool, thank you! I will definitely check that out. But wouldn’t I have to create this for every note I want a toc for?

The advantage of the Outline plugin is that it just displays the toc for whatever note is open.

Thanks, that’s also interesting, but the same problem, where it would need additional input for every note… But thanks for the explanation!

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