Add a keyboard shortcut to cycle through the file panes

Use case or problem

When using keyboard to edit multiple files (let’s say I’m editing 2 or 3 .md files in vertical split), there’s no simple way or shortcut to switch between the “left” file and the “right” file.

Proposed solution

Add a keyboard shortcut that cycles through the panes.
My ideal shortcuts would be:
⌘+` (on MacOS)
or ALT+` (on Windows/Linux)

(` is the button between Esc and Tab)

But I also understand that to be consistent with Chrome, you may want to do
Ctrl+Tab , so as long as this is changeable in the hotkeys menu, we are good.

Note that there’s plugin that tries to handle this here: GitHub - phibr0/cycle-through-panes: Cycle through Panes - Obsidian Plugin

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You may be aware of this already, but there are hotkeys for “Focus on pane above”, “Focus on pane below”, “Focus on pane to the left”, and “Focus on pane to the right”. I believe that by default they are not set, so you can customize as you please. In terms of a hotkey for cycling, I think that is a good request. Good luck!