Add a "Install a .desktop file" option for linux

Can Obsidian add a feature to create a .desktop file automatically?

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this would be really useful. I’m in the process of setting it up for URI and it’s a bit tricky. I’m in Manjaro Linux installed through .AppImage

What’s the goal, here? If it’s to make an icon for the start menu, here are some notes I took on this when I first started using Obsidian (These are for ANY Appimage, not just Obsidian):

  • the instructions on the Linux mint forum by user racer-x 01/08/2019 9:08pm are described below, and seem to be the simplest and most minimalistic.
  1. If an icon is needed, find the image and save it locally
  2. RMC the ‘Menu’ icon; the one that opens the system menu, usually at the bottom left of the screen (the one that opens when the ‘Win’ key is pressed)
  3. Press the ‘Menu’ button at the top, then find and press the ‘Open the menu editor’ button.
  4. Highlight (select) the submenu you want your appimage file to live, and press ‘new item’. Alternately, select ‘New menu’ to create a new submenu.
  5. Give the application a name.
  6. Click on the rocket icon on the left to change your icon. Select ‘browse’ to navigate to your icon (from step 1).
  7. Next to ‘Command’, press the ‘browse’ button, then find and select the .appimage to open with your new button.
  8. Press OK to finish the setup. Done.

I know this isn’t Automatic, but it has served me well for all kinds of programs.

System: Linux mint, although this has been similar on most -nix systems I’ve tried it on.