Add a file link to the word in text

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Issue: I want to add a file link to specific word in a text, just like I can do with web links: [my_word](

Things I have tried

For sure, I can use [[my_file]], but in reading mode I will see a name of a file.
For me it’s logical to do something like this: [my_word]([[my_file]]), but it don’t work.
Instead it creates new note with a name [[my_file.

I apologize if it’s described somewhere in docs and I didn’t find that.

By file link, you mean a link to a file on your local file system which when clicked would open the file with its default application?


are you referring to a .md file that is inside your Obsidian vault?

Sridhar, I mean the second variant - a link to .md Obsidian note.

So something like [[my_file | my word]]?

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That is exactly what I’ve been looking for, thank you so much! :+1:

In the hope this might be useful to anyone else with a similar question …

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