Activating/configuring vim in Obsidian

Things I have tried

I have installed but not activated the vimrc support plugin. Not clear whether activating it activates a vim configuration. Nor how to submit my own vim configurations.

What I’m trying to do

I would like to start using vim commands in Obsidian. Not certain how to go about that beyond turning on Obsidian’s vim mode and activating the vimrc support plug-in.

The only thing needed to start using vim bindings in Obsidian is turning on the Settings -> Editor -> Vim key bindings toggle. It looks like that plugin will let you add a .obsidian.vimrc file to the root of your vault in order to add custom vim bindings.

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So, if I understand, the vimrc support plug-in does not itself map any vim commands? Those have to be added by the user?

The way I interpret the plugin README is that it enables you to add a .obsidian.vimrc file to your vault. This file can then be used to add to or modify the vim bindings that are built into Obsidian natively (when the vim bindings toggle is switched on). However, if you were to simply have a blank .obsidian.vimrc file, you should get all the defaults (just like you would in Vim).

So, to your question “those have to be added by the user,” I’d imagine that you’d have to add anything that isn’t already bound (or that you want bound differently) in what Obsidian ships by default.

Thanks. Got it.

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