Activate existing pane for a note rather than opening in active or new pane

There are several cases where I am opening or searching for a note, and since it’s already open in an existing pane, I would prefer that pane be activated rather than opening the note in the active pane or a new pane. Some examples:

  1. If I already have my daily note pane open, and I’m working in a different note, when I use the daily note command, I would prefer the pane with the daily note be active rather than opening the daily note in the pane I’m working in.
  2. If I’m clicking on a link in a note and that note is already open in an existing pane, I would prefer that pane be active rather than opening the linked note in the current or new pane.

I know this request is confusing so please let me know if it doesn’t make sense to you, or if you have suggestions for clearer wording.


You want to direct all new openings (or link followings as in Help doc; by link clicking or Ctrl/Cmd P) to a pre-selected TARGETED pane ? … until it is de-targeted.

If so, then we share the need. In fact any one would need it in their workflow and managing of panes & layout. One example is clicking thru their todo’s (on backlinks or not).

My testings: Today the above is not doable via pane’s Pin or pane’s “Link with pane …”

That’s a great idea, but it’s not my feature request. My request is if a note is already open in a pane, and I open it via a link or hotkey, then activate the existing pane, do not open the note in the active pane.

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Ok let me “refactor” my reply above into a feature request
Open all links in a targeted pane

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I just submitted two feature requests that I view as related to this, because they’re all QoL improvements that would make pane navigation much more frictionless than it currently is (up to par with Roam).

I would love to see a concerted push to roll out all of these pane management improvements, which I view as being more important for Obsidian’s UX than more popular features like WYSIWYG.

One use case, proposing some good details which could be integrated into this/single request:

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This is the single most frustrating thing that keeps me from onboarding Obsidian for regular use.

I will have lots of notes open at once.
When searching or clicking links I wish to
–NOT-- REPLACE my current work pane (open note I am currently in), AND
–NOT-- OPEN NEW PANE for the already open note.

I really wanted to onboard this application as a daily driver, but without this functionality, the interface/usage is way too chaotic, and a lot of time gets wasted, so I only us it for fairly banal things, and even then, not often.

Not trying to bash the devs, they are great folks. It simply is what it is.

are there any news on this feature?

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