Actions URI 0.16

I just released Actions URI 0.16. (Actions URI brings additional x-callback-url API endpoints to the app for common actions to the table — it’s a clean, super-charged addition to Obsidian URI.)

In the last two month the plugin has matured quite a bit. The current v0.16 adds new routes for dealing with folders (i.e., create, rename, move, delete, trash) and some additional endpoints to /note (for renaming, moving, deleting and trashing).

v0.15 was mostly a chore release, adding some under-the-hood stuff for my upcoming macOS/iOS app, Actions for Obsidian, which brings Obsidian and Apple’s Shortcuts together so Obsidian gets the macOS/iOS integration it deserves.

And v0.14 brought Dataview support, meaning you can now fetch the results for DV table and list queries out of the app! It also lets you fetch the list of tags.

All in all I think it’s a good, clean and predictable addition to the built-in API. Pick it up from my community plugins. :wink:

Check out the documentation and let me know if you’re missing anything! :vulcan_salute:t3: