Actions for Obsidian

I’ve been playing with Actions for Obsidian over the past few days. I’ve built a few Shortcuts:

  • Add multiple tasks to my daily note (super easy)
  • Share sheet for an X post, stripping away the UTM markers, to my daily note
  • Add a timestamped journal entry to my daily note (also works with voice btw)

All pretty easy to build. The Actions that are added are pretty easy to use. Enough for me to make sure to pay for the iOS and Mac version to let the dev know his work is appreciated.

The one thing I’d really love to see – and I understand this is not a limitation on his end – is for the experience to be more seamless. Right now, because the Actions require an app to act as a proxy, it has to hop between apps. Perhaps there’s some way to work around this that I haven’t figured out yet, but it’s a bit jarring to see.

It’d be great if the Obsidian folks could open up their API or work with the dev. Having Obsidian Shortcut Actions is awesome on the iPhone and really the only way to get other apps to work with it.

Anyway, thanks to the dev for building this!

Thanks for using AFO, and thank you for buying a license! :pray:t3:

The recently released 1.3.1 re-enables a broken visual feature which should make the “app dance” a bit less annoying.

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