Achieving habit tracker with obsidian?

I tried lunatask, ticktick and wasn’t very satisfied with them(specially their GUI). I can pay about 5USD per month(Sorry I am poor).
Anything you would recommend to me?

For example this is the kind of workflow I am looking into:


  • Learn Linux

  • Learn Kubernetes

  • Learn Docker

  • Learn Hugo for blogging

  • Write 1 blog post

  • 6 hrs of intensive study during fridays and saturdays

  • 3 hrs of study everyday besides job

  • Deliberate practice(just remember this time to time basis)

And so on.

My metrics that I want are:

  • Why am I doing this?

  • Reminder on specific day about specific issue.

  • Statistics like heatmap or some form of charts.

  • Percentage of completion of goal

  • How long the goal will last? Duration of goal?

I am ready to pay around 5USD per month for software of this kind.

If you look through the community plugins there are various habit trackers and plugins helping you track habits, so no money needed, just a little bit of research.

One which I’m considering for the time being is the Habit Tracker 21 plugin, which can present a nice chart in your daily notes, and have links describing what kind of habit you want to track. It’s orientated towards daily stuff, though, not a few times a week which you’re describing for some of the habits.

Another option to consider could be to use recurring tasks from the Tasks plugin, and then build some queries around those tasks to give you statistics and so on. These recurring tasks can be set to some given weekdays or other known patterns of when to do them.

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I’ve read lots of posts like this, and watched youtube videos doing it like prakash joshi pax and so on sergio etc.
But I am yet not clear about how do I use dataview to create dashboards.

There are many ways to go about habit tracking and dataview is one such way. Dataview is for aggregating and summarizing your data. The easiest way to create a dashboard is to create a Canvas and then embed notes into that so you don’t need to worry about the layout. To use the dataview approach you’ll want to use the (core?) Daily Note plugin and then create a template with each of the habits as properties to track if you achieved each of your study targets for each day or not. Then you can use dataview to create a table that summarizes your progress. Obsidian is great, but one of the challenges is that it’s so flexible that you have to have a good idea of what you want to do and then subsequently spend the time and effort to create it.

In your case it sounds like dataview/habit tracking is just one piece of the puzzle and you would want to create a note for each goal describing what you want as well as breaking down what you need to do in order to become proficient at that goal into a list of tasks. As you complete sections you can mark them complete. Then you can proceed to jot down notes inside of your daily note that links to the goal pages so you can reference when you mentioned something as well as remind yourself the purpose of the goal–in a sense a business plan for each goal.

As you understand Obsidian better you can get more complicated such as using GNATT charts, which Obsidian natively supports using mermaid charts, but I think this is a good starting point.

I’ll pay 5USD can you make me a one. I know I am being cheap but that’s exactly what I need at the moment.

Haha, don’t worry about the $5. Use it to buy some instant coffee at the local grocery store because it sounds like you’ll have some long nights ahead of you. I’ll see with what I can come up with. My description sounds complicated, but if you’re familiar with Obsidian it’s a relatively straight forward process.


Here you go, after you load up the vault for the first time you’ll have to allow the plugins to be loaded and then refresh the dashboard for dataview to render everything properly. There are 3 community plugins used: Calendar, Dataview and Tracker. I don’t have time right now to make a video a overview of the vault, but you should be able to explore and get a feel for what’s going on.

Here is what a Goal page looks like and as you can see by linking them in your daily note you can keep a log of notes or reminders about specific issues.

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thank you.

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