Account log in through iframe display complain cookies disabled when it is not

I use iframe to display a forum post link, and eventually I decide to log into the forum. However, I’m always given the message saying I am not allowed to log in probably because the browser cookies are disabled.

Obsidian version is 0.14.15

Things I have tried

I have turn on all cookies in my default browser google chrome (I also make sure the cookies on Safari are turned on). I have quit both obsidian and chrome and restart. However, every time when I try to log in through the iframe display website, I still get the same following message

What should I do about it? Thanks a lot!

Obsidian does not have access to your browser, it brings its own.

There are some security restrictions that basically disable cookies in iframes, regardless of browser.

The Custom Frames plugin (obsidian://show-plugin?id=obsidian-custom-frames | does allow for creating frames with cookies enabled(on desktop, it does not use iframes).

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Thank you very much!

This plugin is very helpful, but I really need the future coming feature to do what I really want: click a link in Obsidian note and the custom pane (e.g., Obsidian forum pane) can take me to the specific post instead of the front page of the forum.

  • Allow creating links that open in a custom frame rather than the browser

Do you know when the feature may be available? Or is there a way to achieve that without waiting?

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