Accidentally deleted all my daily notes

Things I have tried

Recovering my files from “recover file”

What I’m trying to do

I accidentali deleted the entire “daily notes” folder. It’s in the system trash.

I’m trying to locate the “system trash” folder so I can recover all my daily notes

Hello @rpm ,

System trash it should be you computer trash folder, it not there go the the vault folder and there should be a folder called .trash

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Thanks a lot. For once, iCloud terrible syncing saved me: I turned to my other Mac and the files were all there… I than just copied them, but good to know where things are…
Again: thank you!


That is grate news @rpm !!

To prevent this from happening you can also configure the trash function on Obsidian.

Options → Files & Links → Deleted Files → “Move to Obsidian trash”

This way if a miss click deletes the files even if it sync correctly all the files will be on the vault folder inside the folder .trash

It’s a great mechanic, after 30 days it is completely so you have plenty of time to restore the information.

Thanks so much @Zektor ! This is a great suggestion, changing my option now.


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