Accidental link clicking while scrolling (iOS)

The problem
As much as I love this app, the iOS version appears to be very sensitive to swipes and taps. One issue that’s been particularly frustrating is this: when I am simply scrolling in any direction but happen to have placed my finger on a link or tag at the start of my swipe, the link gets clicked either when I let go of my finger or just as soon as I click.

This is especially frustrating when navigating my Kanban board on mobile since I have lots of tags and internal links. It forces me to consciously place my thumb in areas of the screen without a link.

Potential solutions
I’m not an expert, but maybe one could use a setTimeout to wait for a scroll event before actually clicking might help? I’ve looked for CSS-only workarounds, but I couldn’t find anything. I deleted the mousedown event listeners from the developer console on my mac, and that seemed to fix the problem (though I have no idea what other issues that could cause). My guess is mobile needs to wait for mouseup or just not check mousedown when tapping on links and only look at click.

I’m on whatever the latest version is (iOS and the Obsidian app) and only have dataview, kanban, excalidraw, and omnisearch installed and enabled. I’m pretty new, so I haven’t customized much of anything yet except some font sizes.

Please follow the template in the text box when posting bug reports — including texting with plugins turned off. Thank you!