Accessing Zotero's documents from Obsidian mobile app (iOS & Android)?

Context :

On laptop, I use Zotero to handle documents. They are accessed on Obsidian through Zotero links :

Show document in Zotero : [Zotero](zotero://select/items/@citeKey)
Open document : [pdf](zotero://open-pdf/library/items/GXJSJ9CB)

This is useful because such links are independent of file system, thus could be great for portability.

Furthermore, Obsidian vault does not have to be cluttered with hundreds of megabytes of documents.

(sidenote : A drawback is a document can’t be embedded in a note, but must be opened with its link.)

Question :

Is there a way to make such links work on mobile ? How do you access your documents on mobile from your Obsidian notes ?

What I already tried :

Zoo for Zotero and ZotEZ².

On iOS, the Zotero mobile app is probably your best bet, though I imagine you are using Android. (Hopefully this helps others, then.)

Thank you, I’m interested to make this work in both Android and iOS : I’ll check Zotero mobile app for the later :slight_smile:

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