Accessing Obsidian DB data from outside

My searching has yielded no results, so I’m presuming that this is something that’s not possible, but I’ll ask anyway:

I was thinking about writing some external program/script that lives totally outside of Obsidian, and I would want this script to be able to either ask Obsidian (either through some API or access the database) questions. An example question would be “What are the names of the notes in the vault?”.

This particular question could be answered in other ways, such as inspecting what the notes are called in the actual vault directory, but it gets trickier with such things as aliases. Completion for tags is another thing that would be more troublesome if one could not query Obsidian somehow for the data.

The reason I’m asking is because I was thinking about writing a text editor plugin that would make editing Obsidian notes a bit more comfortable.

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U can use this plugin: GitHub - coddingtonbear/obsidian-local-rest-api: Get, change, and otherwise interact with your notes in Obsidian via a REST API.