Accessing my Github-Saved vault

I successfully setup Git sync with the help of this video which i can recommend ( I now wonder if the workflow to access the vault on a different machine would be quite similar?
E.g. on that other machine I would:
clone the repo, point obsidian to that directory to import it as a vault and again, just set up the Git-Plugin? Or is there some more magic to it?

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I use git, but I’ve never used the Obsidian Git plugin. But yes, that sounds correct.

You might have to set up your git configuration and/or Github credentials locally on the new machine too. (Maybe the plugin helps with that part?)

Worst case, save a backup, give it a try, and see what errors pop up and some git wizard can likely chime in.

I just figured this out myself last week, so it’s still fairly fresh in my mind.

First, clone the repo to a local directory.

Then in Obsidian, “File → Open Vault…”, “Open folder as vault”, and point to the directory where you cloned the repo.

When Obsidian opens it, it will ask if you want to trust the original author of the vault and activate the plugins which are stored in the vault. Say yes, and that’s it.

Most of the obsidian-git plugin’s settings are also stored in the repo (unless you’re blocking them with a .gitignore file), but there are a few that you’ll need to tweak on the new machine - the only one that comes to mind is the “{{hostname}} placeholder replacement” setting, but you should take a minute and check all of them, just to be sure.