Accessing iCloud Obsidian folder from Ubuntu Linux

Things I have tried: I’ve created an Obsidian Vault (folder) in my iCloud and have connected my Mac and my iPhone to it and both seem to be working flawlessly. Thank you.

I would like to connect to the same folder from a Ubuntu Linux machine (you can never use Obsidian in too many places, right?). Thank you to some great community developers, I can access my iCloud drive and all of its files/folders from this Ubuntu machine. I can also copy a direct hyperlink to this folder. I was hoping that in Obsidian, I could “Open Folder as Vault” be able to insert this hyperlink and have Obsidian on Linux connect directly to my Obsidian folder in iCloud. However, Obsidian’s “Open Folder as Vault” dialogue box gives me no way to enter a location link and have it pull in those files. This might become a feature request, I don’t know.

Is there a way to do this now?
If not, can a location link field be added?

Thank you,

What I’m trying to do

Obsidian need files to be local. So if iCloud hasn’t saved those files on the Linux machine, they won’t be available. You’d need to set iCloud to do that.

To get sync to work reliably for me (*), I’ve ended up creating a mirror vault on Dropbox, with Syncthing continually running on a Mac to keep the iCloud vault and Dropbox vault synchronized. It’s been working like a charm. I use the iCloud vaults on the iPad and iPhone, but the Dropbox mirrors on everything else.

(*) across 4 Macs, an iPad, an iPhone, 2 Windows laptops and 2 Linux laptops. It seems excessive when I write it down but they all seem necessary. I might need professional help.

Thank you both for replying. I’ll test out these ideas a little more.

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