Accessing days and months of the week in a weekly template

Things I have tried

  • web search to see if this question has already been addressed somewhere
  • playing around with dataview’s methods of accessing and performing operations on dates
  • making the desired changes manually in lieu of an automated option

What I’m trying to do

In the template for weekly notes, the date of the first day of the week can be accessed via the standard {{date:YYYY-MM-DD}}. I would like to also have the option of having automated retrieval of other days of the week. e.g. something like ({{date:YYYY-MM-DD}} + 2 days ) which would retrieve a string for the date of the third day of the week. or something like ({{date:MMMM}} + 6 days) which would retrieve the month for the final day of the week.

See the documentation for Periodic Notes template tags (which include days of the week) and date math.

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Perfect, thank you so much!

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