Accessing dataviewjs object value

I’m trying to re-use the example from the Grouped Books example in Codeblock Examples - Dataview to make group tables of my notes, which have the following frontmatter:

key: value
key2: value
key3: value
key4: value
key5: value

I can access the other frontmatter in the notes (which are basic key:value properties) but any syntax I try to access objects values returns errors.

You’re not showing us what kind of objects you want to access/define and what you want out of it. We’re not mind readers.

Well I copy/pasted the codeblock and just replaced what I needed from my data structure given above. It works if I pull the whole list, but as soon as I try to pull individual values (like trying k.entry.key or k["entry"].key or k.key["entry"] or k.["entry"]["key"]) it breaks.

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