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OK, I’ll admit I’m an engineer. But I have questions about the image on About user interface - Developer Documentation

How do we have two areas of the UI that are both “views”? Is one the center view and one the right view? I want to ask some questions about the center view and editor. Is there a correct way to ask about that area of the UI?

Does the “Views” link on that page clarify?

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The “views” link does a nice job of describing how to build a view. But I was asking what the area of the display that the view is being shown in is called. The display is broken into roughly 3 columns, plus a ribbon bar and status bar and a few other zones. But what is are the columns called/named. In the center is displaying I’ll call it an editor view. Put what is the area where the view is placed called? Does that make sense? In a word document you have left margin, right margin, headers, footers all of which can contain stuff each part of the page has a name though to differentiate it from the others.

I would call the columns on the left and right, outside of the main editor/text area, the “sidebars”. If you look in Settings > Hotkeys, you’ll see two commands (not assigned by default) for “Toggle left sidebar” and “Toggle right sidebar”.

Here’s a suggestion to include graphics in the help documentation with two other examples:

I think the interface picture in the developer documentation is a start.

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