About the technical side of the search feature (stack or libraries)

Hi everyone
I would love some light on this topic
just wondering how the global search works in obsidian
As far as I know the notes are markdown

so my question is
does obsidian makes an index of all markdown files and performs searches in it?

in lets say json and then query the json index ?
or does it searches directly on the markdown files?

Does anyone knows if it is an specific stack or libraries used?

I’m a newbie, recently learned JavaScript
so when I saw the powerful search features in obsidian
it was more than love at first sight, I wanted to know how it works
but I don´t see the sources on GitHub neither it explained anywhere else

by the way awesome job!
Big thanks to all people who donated their time blood and sweet to make
obsidian possible!

psdt: I’m sorry if I posted in the wrong category ups!