About Price (Exchange rate differences)

Hi, my problem is about pricing. More precisely, price localization. In countries like Turkey, where the exchange rate difference is high, shopping in foreign currency can be terribly expensive. For example, now 1 USD = 18 Turkish Lira. In other words, a person in Turkey has to pay 18 times more than you to pay for this product. Especially the SYNC feature is a much needed feature. However, at this price, most people would prefer not to buy in Turkey. Thank you.

I understand the different in living standard/living cost in different parts of the world and how Turkey economy is doing really badly, but your argument is so flawed. By the same reasoning, 1 USD = 23370 VND, then Vietnamese people have to pay 23370 times more to use any products in the US?

There’s this post Meta Post - Syncing between Devices explaining syncing using other services that you may find more affordable and can even be free.

That’s not really how it works.

A more meaningful comparison could be made by using the exchange rate AND purchasing power of currency. For example, analyzing how much a dozen egg/gallon of milk/Big Mac/IPhone cost across countries.

The analysis is not easy and it’s time variant. Moreover, the obsidian cost are all still USD. So, It is unlikely that such mechanism will be implemented.

If you are a student or a non-profit org, you can apply for a discount.

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