About iCloud sync and Mac optimized storage

Hello, I’m new user trying iCloud sync on Mac.

I noticed that with optimized storage, when MacOS delete local files, they disappear from Obsidian file explorer. For me is a big obstacle to use Osidian because I need to use optimized storage.

The question is: using Obsidian Sync could solves this problem?


What I’m trying to do

Obsidian requires all files to be local, on your device.
There is no way arround this.

Obsidian Sync does not change that, all Obsidian Sync does is make sure that you have the same version of a file across your devices.

Ok, thank you, I supposed it… I will have to wait for a change in .icloud file management on mac…

Note files aren’t very big. Are you keeping many bigger files in your vault (like pictures, PDFs, audio, video)? If so, you could move them out of the vault. Then you might be able to keep the whole vault on your device (in a non iCloud folder) and use Obsidian Sync (or another cloud service that lets you keep the files always on the device).

Thanks Cawlin for your answer!

The problem for me is not that the mac deletes the local copy, but that the files disappear from obsidian’s file explorer, because it doesn’t recognize them. It would be great to be able to download icloud files directly from Obisidian. Mac optimized storage works all over the drive, locally deleting less used files (in this case images) so I would have to move vaults (or images) to Dropbox, for example. A bit cumbersome. I think I will test with Obsydian sync, hoping that this system keeps “active” for iCloud (and it seems that obsidian sync is faster?)

If you mean to try Obsidian Sync in an iCloud folder, don’t — it will cause problems and you may lose data. (If you mean to try it outside of iCloud, then enjoy!)

Oh… thank you… precious information! effectively I’m thinking to sync with Obsidian folders in dropbox and folders in iCloud. Good to know :pray:t2:

(Expanding my above reply: in general it’s a bad idea to use 2 sync services on the same folder, because they will tend to interfere with each other. ICloud actually disallows certain filenames that belong to other sync services — for example, you can’t have a folder named “Dropbox” in iCloud (or maybe you can but it won’t sync it, I forget.))

I understand… I thought it was enough not to use the Obsidian iCloud Drive folder, but I understand that it is valid for the entire apple cloud service.

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