About hierarchy using hashtag (#) symbol and space

Things I have tried

I used this to create lines --> *** . Unfortunately, I couldn't solve my problem.

What I’m trying to do

Hello, I’m trying to stretch the spacing between two or more hierarchy headings. I don’t like my headings so squeezed, it’s not cool.
I’ll give some examples:
hashtag symbol hashtag symbol HEADING ONE
some text here
hashtag symbol hashtag symbol HEADING TWO
some text here
hashtag symbol hashtag symbol HEADING THREE
some text here

I was trying to put some space between the headings, because I don’t like them so close to each other.

Oh, if I’m not being clear in my text, let me know about it! I’m not a native English speaker.

Which view do you want more space in? (They have different names in different languages so I’ll describe them.)

  • Reading Mode (Can’t edit the text)
  • Live Preview (looks like Reading Mode but you can edit the text, and Markdown symbols appear near the cursor)
  • Source Mode (all Markdown symbols are shown)

In Live Preview and Source Mode you can just press Return to add blank lines. To affect Reading Mode you’ll need a CSS snippet to add top margin to headings.

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I’m so grateful for your help, I want see this spacing between headings when I turn on the reading mode :smiley:
By the way, I will send you my print screen here in the obsidian forum.

That will require custom CSS to add margin. It may help to search the forum for heading margin.

But: Obsidian’s default theme is changing soon (the new version is already in the Insider builds), so you might want to wait until that happens so you don’t have to redo the work.

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