About creation of a new daily note

Steps to reproduce

  1. open a note, not daily note
  2. write a link to a not-yet-created daily note
  3. if you click to create the note, it will not go into daily notes folder.

Expected result

You know that if the daily note already existed, the link [[2021-02-08]] will work well, without specify “Daily Notes/2021-02-08”. So I expect that link to daily notes are recognized and the new note goes into daily notes’ folder.

Actual result

The note, even if it is clearly a daily note, is created in the same folder of the parent note.


  • Operating system: Windows 10
  • Obsidian version: 0.11.9

Additional information

Please, open a feature request for this.

Excuse me, but why feature request?
As I explained, if I insert the link to an existing daily note, the link works, without specifying the Daily Notes/2021-02-08 folder. Then I expect that the link to a daily note to be created will also be recognized and Obsidian will create the note directly in the Daily Notes folder.

The problem is that when the daily note doesn’t already exist, Obsidian doesn’t know if you want to reference a daily note or just another note with the same naming convention. When the daily note does exist then it will pick it up fine.

So the feature request would be to ensure Obsidian always treats file names of a particular format as a daily note in that folder.

I understand that you see this as a bug. The thing is we haven’t emplemented this thing at all. So it’s not faulty, it’s a feature we don’t have.

There is alredy a FR for this

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